01 April, 2013

Revlon Moon Candy - Satellite

Hello and happy bank holiday! 

I've missed not wearing sparkly nails, after winter has gone I always go into spring mode and buy pastel colour nail polishes but as soon as I spotted Revlon's Moon Candy the other day in Boots I was instantly tempted and it was a snap and grab moment. This polish costs £7.99 and comes in about 10 different colours, I chose the "Satellite" shade. 

Step 1

I firstly shaped my nails, I went for the round shape as I'm getting bored of my nails always been square. I then painted my nails with the step 1 dark burgundy nail polish, which not only dried quickly but I love the colour and will definitely wear this colour alone. I only applied one coat, the texture was very thick I usually apply two thin coats of polish but the colour is so rich and thick that I only needed on layer. 

Step 2

I then applied the 'moon flakes', I LOVE the effect this gives my nails, it's not like any other nail polish glitter. The formula is a bit gloppy, and again I only needed one coat because I think it can look a bit overwhelming with two layers. The application is so easy! I cannot express how simple this was...it took me about 10 minutes and I think the final result is so impressive. I'm usually a Essie whore, but whilst shopping I took the plunge to try something else, so worth it. 

Step 3

Lastly, I applied a layer of Nails Inc Caviar 45 second top coat. I must warn you, you will need to apply a few layers of top coat because you can feel the 'moon flakes'. 

What's your favourite moon dust?

Do you have any recommendation for different base colours?

10 February, 2013

The Liebster Award

I have noticed the Liebster Awards making the rounds on some blogs and I was pleased to have been nominated by littlegoldstars (thankyou!) for my first Liebster Award. I’m not one for ‘chain’ letter type things but I thought this is a good way for you to get to know me and it is a change from my beauty and fashion posts, so get comfy and enjoy the read!

Firstly, I will tell you 11 random facts about myself then I will answer the questions set to me by Terri and then finally I will set up a list of my own questions for 11 other bloggers to answer. 

11 Facts about me

1.    I’m a complete perfectionist and it takes over my life
2.    My diet is horrendous – I could easily live off chocolate and crisps
3.    I have a baby (my cat) called Winston
4.    I’m not a morning person
5.    I speak before I think, then suffer the consequences
6.    I can justify spending a lot $$$ on a handbag
7.    I have recently graduated from Sheffield Hallam University after studying Journalism
8.    I daren’t permanently colour my hair
9.    I’m scared of the dark
10.  My dream job is to work at a fashion/beauty magazine
11.  I believe in karma 

Terri’s Questions

1. Where do you see yourself in five years?
In a PR/Journalism job, with my lovely boyfriend and a mini me!

2. Name one beauty product/male-up item that you would recommend - and why?
YSL Rouge Volupte Perle – I only suit light lipsticks because I have tanned skin and this is my fave.

3. What advice would you give anyone thinking of starting a blog?
Really think about what you want to give your readers, what you think they’ll enjoy and how you want your layout to look. I have changed the look of my blog so much and I wish I had given it more thought from the start.

4. Which do you prefer, summer or winter?
People think I’m strange for this but I prefer winter because I prefer winter clothes. I love chunky knitwear, hot chocolate, DVD days, snuggles and Christmas. Yes I’m a weirdo.

5. What made you decide you wanted to start a blog?
I started my blog for part of my dissertation at uni and enjoyed showcasing what I can do, so I carried it on after I left.

6. What is the once piece of clothing/one accessory you can't live without?
My Mulberry satchel, it goes everywhere with me.

7. Do you like to travel? Where is the best place you have been?
Yes but I haven’t been to many places. I am going to NEW YORK this May though :D

8. Do you keep a journal or diary?
Yes I have kept a diary for the past 4 years and write in it everyday.

9. Tell me about your best friend:
I haven’t got one, I’m lucky enough to have 4 best friends including my mum and boyfriend and I love and appreciate them more than words can say.

10. Who/what is your favourite blog at the minute? Link so we can all be nosey!

11. Where is the one place you REALLY want to visit?
New York and I’m going very soon! Other than that I would like to go to Las Vagas. 

My questions:

1.      What is one item you dream of owning one day?
2.      Where is your next holiday going to be?
3.      Do you have any phobias?
4.      Designer V high street?
5.      What do you want to achieve by the end of this year?
6.      What made you start writing a blog?
7.      Who is your celebrity crush?
8.      Who is your style icon?
9.      Who is your favourite YouTuber?
10.  What is your favourite time of the year?
11.  What makes you feel better after a bad day?

09 February, 2013

CURRENT OBSESSIONS: Laura Mercier - Instyle's Best Voted Primer and Tinted Moisturiser

Instyle magazine is my favourite mag, I get a few of my outfit ideas from there. I do love Vogue and all the other high end fashion magazines but I can't afford £5,000 shoes and I can't wear the glossy pages! Instyle published "100 Best Beauty Buys 2012" and Laura Mercier Primer and Tinted Moisturiser got voted the winners so that encouraged me to take the plunge and invest in some make-up which comes from good recommendation.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser colour - Almond

Yes they are slightly pricey, the Primer was £28 and the Tinted Moisturiser was £33. However, you can't get flawless skin for free! I decided to get the oil-free tinted moisturiser as my skin is a bit greasy. 

The Primer is a light gel, it feels like you are applying moisturiser. It provides me with a good base for my face and after using this product for a week I have noticed that my make-up lasts longer. It also means that my skin isn't eating up the Tinted Moisturiser. I also have worn this underneath my other foundations and on it's own.

Top Tip: Put your Primer in the fridge, when you apply it in the morning it feels lovely and refreshing.

The Tinted Moisturiser is similar to Liz Earle's Sheer Tint, it doesn't have excellent coverage but you can't really expect that from just a tinted moisturiser. I decided to switch to this from Mac's foundation because I wanted something lighter and I've gone off the 'matt' look. I wanted something with a bit of a natural sheen without clogging up my pores, and this definitely delivers! I now have a natural glow and my skin stays hydrated throughout the day and because the primer doesn't budge. 

Ta dah! The final result (please excuse the rubbish picture of me) as you can see the look is very natural and provides me with the right amount of coverage for everyday use. I can now see why the Tinted Moisturiser have been voted Number 1 for the past 8 years running. In my opinion both products deserve a 10 out of 10! 


20 January, 2013

Outfit of the day: A white winters day in January

Hello and happy Sunday! 

It's unusual for it to snow here, so on this rare occasion I thought I'd share with you my casual winter/snow outfit today. It's also unusual for me to go on a walk, so your in for a treat today! I chose warm and neutral colours, camel and burgundy are my favourite colours because I think they suit my dark hair. And I finally had the chance to wear my Hunters in the snow, they're so comfy and don't make me look like a farmer! Style and fashion is about experimenting and telling a story so here my look for a "White winters day in January".

 Hat - Topshop 
Jumper - Miss Selfridge 
Coat - Ted Baker
Jeans - Topshop
Gloves - T K Maxx
Wellies - Hunter (essentials in snow and SO worth the money)
Handbag - Mulberry Alexa


15 January, 2013

Dior Make-Up Brushes

Hello lovelies!

I've never been one to spend a lot of money on make-up brushes until I watch a YouTube make-up tutorial. Pixiwoo  make-up tutorials persuaded me to take the plunge and invest in some expensive but essential brushes. And luckily I managed to get this Dior brush set in the Debenhams Christmas sale. 

Make-up tools are just as important as the make-up itself, it needs to be applied properly, so I thought I'd buy this mini Dior set with the most essential brushes I need for everyday use. I don't actually wear a great deal of make-up, so it seemed silly me buying a set with loads of brushes in that I'll never use. 

As soon as my brushes were delivered I ripped them open and first impressions were good. I love the black patent case, it's only small so it snuggles perfectly in my make-up bag along with everything else. The Dior set has four compact size brushes -a blush, powder foundation, eye shadow and lipstick brush.

Dior Blush Brush
This is so soft on my skin! My skin is SO sensitive and gets irritated easily, I've found these brushes super soft on my skin and it distributes my blusher evenly and gives me a natural finish.

Dior Powder Foundation Brush
I used to apply liquid foundation with my fingertips and although this brush is for powder foundation I have been using it with my MAC liquid foundation. Again it is very soft and evenly distributes my foundation lightly and gives you a natural soft finish to your face.

Dior Eye Shadow Brush 
The bristles are very flexible allowing you to experiment with your eye shadow, the brush is pretty thick so I do have to use another eye shadow brush to define my eyes.

Dior Lipstick Brush 

 This brush is precision cut, it's perfect to give you a defined lip shape and colour. 

I am totally impressed with these brushes, I love the metal cover which makes them feel like good quality. They're just what you need for everyday make-up application. I'm a strong believer in 'you get what you pay for' and after originally using No 7 brushes, I have completely converted to investing in make-up tools that are more expensive and more practical! They give you a flawless cover, they are super soft and the bristles don't fall out - 5* recommendation from me!


07 January, 2013

Beauty in miniatures

I know some people don’t like posts about Christmas gifts, but here I’m showing you a few of my favourite mini beauty products that I got.

You, Latest in Beauty advent calendar 
I had a beauty advent calendar from Latest in Beauty, which had a range of carefully selected beauty products. 

1.    StTropez Instant Glow Body Lotion 50ml – Move over Rimmel, this stuff works a dream! The light formula gives you a natural bronze glow with a subtle shimmer finish. I always wear this on my legs on a night out. A little tip...put a small amount on your cheekbones; I find it similar to Benefits High Beam.

2.    Dermalogica Favourites Pack – this pack included Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Skin Smoothing Cream and MultiVitamin Power Firm. I have super sensitive skin and found that the scrub was a bit too harsh on my skin and I had a burning sensation after I used it. So it was removed from my routine (that’s why it’s not in the image). But other than that I can’t grumble. Dermalogica products are expensive, so I do recommend getting yourself a ‘trial kit’ to try before you buy. The Favourites Pack did make me skin feel baby bum smooth and I could feel a dramatic change compared to when I use other cleansers and moisturisers. The Skin Smoothing Cream is something I would like to invest in, I can recommend it to people with dry/sensitive skin!

3.    L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream 10ml – this smells yum and the size fits comfortably in my bag, it has honey, almond and coconut extracts. The texture is thick and creamy and quickly rubs into your skin leaving them moisturised and nourished. I am a bit obsessed with this, and it’s not the first time I’ve tried it. You don’t need a great amount because the texture is so rich and creamy, if you like soft scented moisturises you’ll appreciate this. 

1.    NickyClarke Instant Calmer 30ml – does what it says on the bottle. Simply apply to damp hair and cya fly aways! It has left my hair feeling sleek and manageable. My hair sometimes goes frizzy after drying it but this Instant Calmer smoothes out any frizz - you miracle.  

2.    BalmBalm Organic Lip Balm 7ml – at first I was a bit wary because the texture is a bit gritty but once it’s rubbed into your lips it helps keeps the dryness at bay. I use this before I go to bed and wake up with kissable soft lips. It’s a great daily lip treatment.

3.    RichardWard Volumiser Root Booster 50ml – I have long thick hair, so the weight pulls my hair down, I have to use rollers to get some volume in my hair. I’ve tried volumising powder, mousse, shampoo, conditioner and sprays. But I actually found that this spray made a difference and I now use it every time I do my hair. I simply spray it onto damp hair all over concentrating on the roots and blow dry my hair downwards. It does leave you with a very faint powerdy/sticky residue but it really does leave my hair looking bigger!


06 January, 2013

What if...all your dreams came true?

Hello, and Happy New Year! 2013 had arrived and guess who's back? Me with a brand new blog title and layout. I was never fully satisfied with the original name, "The CATWALK Blog" as it was a uni project. And I feel I need to expand my wings into the grown up world of fashion and beauty blogging. Therefore I would like to introduce you to Confessions of a Fashion Journalist. This blog will hold similar content, including posts about my beauty finds and fashion ideas to help you expand your wardrobe.

Me graduating with a 2.1 BA Hons Degree

My niece, Scarlett Rose 
Me and momma bear in Lanzrote 

Harry Potter Tour

Me turning 22

Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Concert

Me and Daniel on Christmas Day 

Manchester Christmas Market & an Olympic gold letterbox 

New arrival expecting in 2013 

Friends turning 21 

Next stop...New York City. Call me Carrie Bradshaw!

2012 had a lot to offer, I turned 22, my best friend announced that she is expecting a baby, I became an Auntie, I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University (proud moment), my friends turned 21, I visited Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour in London, me and my mum went to Lanzarote for her birthday, the Olympics took place and me and Daniel booked to go to New York. All this with my amazing boyfriend by my side who has supported me every step of the way (he requested a mention), it's safe to say I've never been happier, so I'm excited to see what this new year has to offer.

In this New Year

Someone will be born
Someone will get a job
Someone will fall in love
Someone will move away
Someone will come home
Someone will have a cake with candles
Someone's dreams will come true

So there's my little introduction to Confessions of a Fashion Journalist. Don't worry, I shall not disappear again, new year, new start and all that! I am not a fashion or beauty expert and I have had no training in those subjects, my loyalty lies with writing and photography. Beauty and fashion are particular interests of mine. This is a method for me to reach out to fellow fashion lovers and to share my views, opinions and finds with you!


16 August, 2012

Product rave - Lancome Hypnose mascara

In my opinion this mascara is 5*. My new favourite addition to my ever growing make-up bag.

I have been hunting around for a decent mascara for some time. I always think that eye make-up deserves a little bit more money spent on it, so I usually went for Dior or MAC. I was given a Lancome gift set and I have only just got around to test a few of the items – this one being my favourite.

The benefits:

  • No clumps YIPPEE!
  • Long lasting – when it comes to the end of the day I don’t have any smudges.
  • Wide-eye effect. I have huge eyes as it is, but this mascara gives me a more dramatic and voluptuous look.
  • Smooth application.
  • Easy to remove, I’m not aware that Hypnose is waterproof. But still, it comes off easily. 
My lashes don’t exactly look like the ones off the ad (because mine are real, meow!) but they do look pretty damn good if I do say so myself :)